Ramadan, Fasting and the Covid-19 Vaccination

The British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) has advised that taking the Covid-19 vaccination does not invalidate the fast, so it is acceptable for you to go ahead with your vaccination if the appointment falls during Ramadan.

Once you receive your invitation, make your appointment and get vaccinated to protect you, your family and the community against the effects of the virus.

The Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective

BIMA has certified that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective. There is no material of animal origin (including porcine content) in either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

You can read BIMA’s guidance here.

Now that we are in Ramadan, it is important to know that you can have your Covid-19 vaccination while fasting.

Because the vaccine goes into the muscle and not into the stomach, it does not invalidate the fast.

What if you’re due a second Covid-19 vaccine during Ramadan?

The Covid-19 vaccines are given in two doses. The second dose is important because it boosts your immunity and provides lasting protection against coronavirus.

That’s why it’s essential to have your second Covid-19 vaccine when it is due.

As with the guidance for the initial vaccine, BIMA has advised that taking the Covid-19 vaccine does not invalidate the fast.

Can you have a PCR or Lateral Flow Test during Ramadan?

One in three people with Covid-19 don’t have any symptoms. That means they can spread the virus to others without knowing it. Regular testing is crucial in helping to stop the spread of the virus.

Please remember, if you have a PCR or Lateral Flow Test during Ramadan it will not invalidate your fast. This is backed up by leading scholars consulted by BIMA.

Local GPs from around Berkshire share their thoughts on why getting the Covid-19 vaccine is so important.

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Ramadan Mubarak